Robert Farmer

Education is my life, my passion, our future!

Today’s student has grown up with technology, it is a central part of  their life.


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Currently I am an Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). I am currently Chairperson of the Department of Information Technology and cross appointed to the Department of Business Administration.

My teaching topics include; Web Design and Development, Database, Managment of Information Technology, Management Information Systems, and Managerial Accounting.

I teach both traditional face-to-face classes and distance education classes / blended courses via a virtual classroom using Elluminate Live!  Familiar with several Learning Management Systems (LMS); WebCT & Blackboard, Moodle, and CourseNet. I use  collaborative tools extensively in my courses, including: blogs, wikis, rss, and instant messaging.

I have a keen interest in today’s generation of students and their understanding, knowledge, and use of technology.


Instructional Leadership Award,
Mount Saint Vincent University


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  • Technology Consultant
  • Business / Accounting Consultant
  • Learning Management Consultant
  • E-Learning Specialist


Dr. Robert Farmer


PhD - Doctor of Philosophy,
Educational Leadership (e-learning)
TUI University, Cyrpress, CA

MBA - Masters of Business Administration,
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS

CMA - Certified Management Accountant
Society of Management Accountants of NS

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration,
University College of Cape Breton, Sydney, NS


Certificate - Enterprise Content Management Masters (ECMm), AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management)

Certificate - Enterprise Content Management Specialist (ECMs), AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management)

Certificate - Strategic Leadership Program,
Society of Management Accountants


2009, College of The Bahamas, Strategic Plan for Online Distance Education. Supporting agencies: EduNova, Halifax, NS; CKLN (Carribean Knowledge Learning Network), Grenada



I have presented locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally on the topics relating to

Recent Conference Presentations:

Society of Applied Learning Technologies
SALT), New Learning Technologies Conference
Orlando, Fl, Feb. 2011

Society of Applied Learning Technologies
SALT), New Learning Technologies Conference
Orlando, Fl, Mar. 2010

Society of Applied Learning Technologies
SALT), Interactive Technologies Conference
Arlington, VA, Aug. 2008

Society of Applied Learning Technologies
SALT), Interactive Technologiess Conference
Arlington, VA, Aug. 2007


Feature Article:

Instant Messaging: IM Online! RU?
EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 40, no. 6 (November/December 2005): 48–63. PDF